About us

Who we are? What we do?


Cash 4 Gadgets is a new breed of services for phones, tablets, games, consoles, TVs, and other electronic goods.

Our core belief is that excellent quality can be attainable at great prices and with customer care that is guaranteed to make your day. This is possible only thanks to our extensive experience in the field and a strong work attitude. We know exactly which devices are worthy of our customer's attention and what they need to perfectly function.

As a result, customers are always happy to recommend our services to others and tell them about their pleasant experience. There's no need to worry about wasting your money on half-functioning products anymore.

Our Warranty

We at Cash 4 Gadgets stand behind our widely recognized quality and are not afraid to back it up with nofrills warranty.

Is there anything at all you are not completely satisfied with? Just get in touch with us, and our expertly trained staff will help you with our signature friendly, open attitude.

Our Mission

Cash 4 Gadgets is set to show you that maintaining and purchasing of mobile and electronic devices doesn't have to be a stressful experience full of uncertainty and expectations to pay large sums of money. Since 1999, we have convinced thousands upon thousands of happy customers that it's possible to get a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop without making their wallets cry.

Our Experience

We know our industry in and out and pride ourselves on our competitive attitude and pricing. You are not likely to find a better deal anywhere else - if you do, we will happily match it.

Use Cash 4 Gadgets today to change the way you think about buying and selling electronic devices.

We dont just give you an automated quote at Cash 4 Gadgets we manually send you a bespoke quote!